For Authors

Original articles, as well as reviews from the following sections, are accepted for publication in the magazine “PRAVO.UA”:

  • state and legal creation;
  • law, economics, finance;
  • prosecutorial-investigative practice;
  • protection of human and civil rights;
  • discussions and debates, controversy;
  • constitutional right;
  • Criminal Law; civil law;
  • commercial law;
  • Labor Law;
  • international law;
  • Administrative Law;
  • judicial system;
  • philosophy of law;
  • forensics and forensic science;
  • case law, executed in accordance with the following requirements.

Manuscripts of the article are sent in one of the working languages (Ukrainian, English) in two copies. The volume of the article should not exceed 24 pages of typewritten text at two intervals (review – 40 pages), including a list of references, tables, figures, summary of the article (abstract) and a summary in Ukrainian and English of 0.5 pages are required.

The texts of the articles must be submitted on disk, the presence of the manuscript is mandatory, for greater efficiency, please send at the same time

Your articles are also sent to the e-mail address:

The manuscript must be signed by each of the authors.

A phone number and correspondence address is required.